Day 3 of New Girl

It’s day 3 for New Girl at the hospital and she spent the whole night roosting on the ledge.

It looks like she’s set to do the same again tonight. Interestingly, she’s using the exact same spot as Charlie, against the wall.


New Girl


Tom has been trying to entice her in the nest box and only succeeded once but that was because he had a bit of food which she snatched off him and then she left 

He brought her a feral Pigeon which she ate for about an hour before putting the rest in the larder on the ledge.

She started to spend some time at the camera end of the ledge and she’s now used to the noise of the camera when it is moved so I have managed some close ups. I have managed to read the first 3 characters of her ring, I am now confident I should be able to get it all and then we’ll know where she comes from…

(On Tuesday, on her first visits to the ledge, she was flying away as soon as I would move the camera, which was one indication that this was neither Tom or Charlie – it’s not taken her long…)

They mated on the ledge for the first time at 3:30pm.

Will there be the patter of big feet after all this year…


She still has blood on the feathers on her right legs and she appears to be injured on her left bottom eyelid which gives her a bit of a funny look. Was that there before or is it a result of the fight…?
Look wise, she looks a lot more like Tom, her chest is white like him not honey like Charlie’s and her cheek patches go a lot higher than Charlie.

2 Replies to “Day 3 of New Girl”

  1. I’ve been spending time with my son who is recovering in Charing Cross Hospital, 15th floor, with the falcon’s home directly across from his window. Marvellous views of them flying, and some great close up fly pasts. Are there 2 couples now present? I thought they coupled for life but the ‘new girl’ seems to have changed all that.

    • Sorry to hear about your son but I’m glad the Peregrines are helping (hopefully). It is often said that Peregrines pair for life but they’re actually more bonded to their nesting site than they are to their partner if a ‘better’ bird turns up, as Tom is demonstrating now. Also, we don’t know Charlie’s fate, he may…