RIP Charlie


I had a message on Tuesday night from Stuart of the London Peregrine Partnership that he’d picked up an injured Peregrine which might be Charlie. She’d been found in a garden North of Hyde Park, had a nasty wound on her back, was bleeding a lot and was very stressed. He’d brought her to the Royal Veterinary College and we’d know more the next day. On Wednesday morning they confirmed that it was indeed Charlie and said that she’d been put on fluids and painkillers somewhere on her own and she would be assessed later. On Wednesday afternoon they said they had euthanised her, the wounds were more severe than initially thought, very deep. She was also underweight and it was thought better not to put her through a lengthy and painful recovery, especially given her age. Today I heard that they found she had an infection around her spinal area, as well as the wounds.

We can only speculate at what happened. She might have been injured in the fight with Flame (Flame was), injuries which resulted in the infection, which weakened her and meant she couldn’t hunt as effectively and she got weaker. She may have brought down in a territorial battle with another Peregrine, mobbed down by Crows, and then attacked by a Fox.

At least she’s not in pain any more.

The next 2 photos are the first and last ones I have taken of her, in both cases I never knew this was to be… The first one was in the evening of the 11 October 2007, when I saw her for the first time still as a Juvenile. The second one was on 1st April this year when she was under attack from Flame.

11 1/2 years.

Follow a few shots from her taken on the nest ledge earlier this year.

She was such a beautiful Peregrine, so laid back, a great Mum.

19 January 2019
Charing Cross Hospital, Fulham, London

19 January 2019
Charing Cross Hospital, Fulham, London

Truly now the end of an era at Charing Cross Hospital.

RIP Charlie

April 2007 – August 2019


  1. Susan Warlow says:

    RIP beautiful Charlie.

  2. Lorna Corr says:

    The end of an era.R.I.P,Charlie

  3. Goodbye, Charlie. Thank you for taking all that is new. We followed you and we followed Charlie.

  4. Nannies Di says:

    Beautiful Charlie. You have been a wonderful mum to your babies.were all going to miss you.